February 25, 2017 Forgiveness 0

Nothing comes closer to the pure love of God (or Spirit or Jesus or Buddha or whatever you want to call It) than that of forgiveness. It’s easy enough to love our brother and sister when everything is peachy and we are all getting along. However, it is true love when we can forgive those who have wronged us and learn to love them. It is even better when we can forgive ourselves and learn to love ourselves.

I understand when someone has done something to wrong you, you are going to be upset. This person betrayed you or did something terrible to you. You have a story. You get to be the victim. A lot of people subconsciously love to be the victim. They love to be right and make someone else wrong.

When you forgive someone, you let all of that go. There is a feeling of release as all of the bitterness and resentment you have been clinging to floats away. It’s a relieving feeling. I highly encourage you to forgive someone if you haven’t done so in a while. You’ll be surprised how exhilarating it feels.

There is freedom in forgiveness. When you remain angry or resentful or bitter, you are the only one who suffers. The person who has wronged you doesn’t suffer from your anger or bitterness, I promise you. So you may as well forgive them right?

Forgiveness doesn’t mean you are condoning or excusing their behavior. It just means you are no longer holding onto the negative feelings surrounding the event. And you will find that this is the best possible thing that you could do in this situation.

When you forgive others, it will feel so good, you will want to forgive yourself. Forgiving yourself is a huge step towards self-acceptance and self-love. There is nothing more beautiful and loving than forgiveness.

So go ahead. Forgive everyone. Forgive yourself. What do you have to lose? Only fear, regret, resentment, bitterness, anger, sadness… I think it’s a pretty good deal.