May 15, 2017 Love 0

Love and attachment are difficult to tell apart sometimes. Maybe you are attached to your partner. Maybe you are attached to the idea of having friends. So how can you tell when you really have love in your art for someone or something? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Love is selfless.

Real love has you focusing on making the other person happy, whether it’s your family, your husband, or an entire community. You don’t keep score or argue about what the person has or hasn’t done for you. You don’t emotionally try to manipulate anyone. You are selfless.

Love inspires forgiveness.

When there is real love, there is also forgiveness. When someone has wronged you and you can find a way to forgive them, that is when you know you are capable of real love.

Love is liberating.

In love, you are free to be yourself. Love is never controlling. In love, there is full acceptance.

Love is growth.

In love, you allow each other to grow and live your own lives, whether it’s in a marriage, a friendship, a family, etc. When you are in a relationship that consists of a love, it will allow all parties to grow together.

Those are just a few attributes of real love. So the next time you are wondering whether or not you really have love in your heart for someone or a group of people, think about this list. Go through and ask yourself if you’re being selfish, if you’re holding onto resentment, if you’re controlling, or if you’re stifling growth.