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It is not uncommon for some people to spend most of their time during the day helping others. In fact, no age group is exempt from enjoying these experiencing since many people like to share their time, money and their energy with others who are really in need. From helping their neighbor complete projects in their home to tutoring the under privileged children with their homework, there are many different things that people can do to help others in their local communities as well as abroad. Regardless of the help that people decide to give, there are some scientific studies that suggest that helping others is very beneficial to all involved. In fact, based on the information that these studies have provided, here are some of the top benefits of reaching out to your community and other surrounding areas.
1. Extends Your Lifespan

As people begin to grow older, they are usually looking for the best ways to spend their time. Because some people retire, they tend to have a lot of extra time on their hands and nowhere to use it. However, when some people grow older, they may decide to share the time that they have volunteering. Unlike some who may choose to simply remain in their homes with very little activities, these people are normally very active. While this decision is up to the individual, it is important that everyone is familiar with the benefits of getting out in the community volunteering. Specifically, in the places that you are most interested in. Whatever the case or situation, there is a benefit that will make people spend more time helping others. One, in particular, is helping to extend that person lifespan. But, why is this true? Based on research, when people volunteer their time, they are much less likely to be depressed and their life is much more satisfying. When people share their time with others, it enhances their social lives and their overall long term health.

2. Helps to reduce the signs and symptoms of Chronic Pain

When people are assisting others with their health and other essential activities, tey can benefit from the help that they give too. According to studies on chronic pain, helping others in the community forces people to take their mind off of themselves and many of the mental and physical problems that they are experiencing. In some cases, the symptoms will even begin to disappear. Especially, if the pain that they experiencing is coming from the person’s state of mind instead of some sort of physical ailment.

3. Promotes Positive Reactions in Troubled teenagers

Teens may go through different problems when they are young. So, it is essential that their families pay close attention to their physical, mental and social needs. In fact, one of the best ways to turn their issues around is to give them a chance to share their time and experiences with others. For instance, when young people are coupled with the elderly, both young and old can share similar experiences including the information that they need in taking the best direction in life.